I have lots of broken and depressed moments.And like every moment in my life music is with me that times too.So here's these songs;

1-A Part of Me by Neck Deep

Image removed gif, pop punk, and neck deep image
'she'll always a part of me'

2-Bruises by Lewis Capaldi

alternative, lewis, and music image alternative, lewis, and music image
'there must be something in the water cause everyday it's getting colder'

3-Drown by Seafret

love and seafret image book, iphone, and tumblr image
'who will fix me now'

4-Not About Angels by Birdy

birdy, skinny love, and without a word image birdy, calm, and listen image
'cause what about,what about angels'

5-Forever Yours by Grayscale

aesthetic, band, and grayscale image Temporarily removed
'there's no love lost,but I'll be forever yours'

6-Stay With Me by You Me At Six

you me at six, yams, and ymás image gif, you me at six, and ymás image
'and now I know I could walk away'

7-Already Gone by Sleeping At Last

song, already gone, and sleeping at last image goodbye, already gone, and sleeping at last image
'so I'm already gone'

Enjoy your depression:)