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When it's late, the air a chilled whisper across my shoulders. The sunset strands cling to my cheeks. Tilting my face into moonlight, I look out at the stars, but the stars aren't where I look for you. The first thing I do is go to our window.

Sometimes when I look at her, I smile, other times I wince. Slip my bottom lip between my teeth, soft they way I wish I looked, and bite down. Her eyes hold no fire here. She looks like a lost breath in the night. I wish she would move. I wish I could reach out and touch her, just to slide her away, just to push her back, watch her sink. I don't hate her, she's just in the way.

It’s not pain. It’s not wounds I wish to lay upon her body like a dusk shroud. I just want her to move. I would rather see my future here instead. Just a little window to you.

A wisp of your brow, the curve of your nose. That’s all I want. Where are you? Where is the light?

When I press my hand against the glass, all I feel is the coldness of her pressing back, reaching. Help me find your hand. Carry me.

If I search through my reflection will I find where my sun waits? If I close my eyes will I be able to taste you in the air? It's not in my dreams nor the boundless stars that I go to you, it's the mirror. Are you not a part of me?

She doesn’t know that I’m here, here to carry her home. Arms through our window, melting through the mist to the pit of my stomach, empty until I see the look on your face when you finally see mine. Blazing. Let me scorch your soul with mine.

Guess we’re still here waiting.

Short Story inspired by -
Song: Carry Me Home (feat. Maverick Sabre) by Jorja Smith

Thanks for the read! This is my first short story to be posted on WHI be gentle with me please. If you liked this feel free to message me or add your own short story submission to Elodie Iver's creative writing competition (linked below)! Thanks Lovelies!

🍀, Olivia