Mason's POV

I was stretching with the rest of the track team. The football team was across the field practicing as well. I was hoping the cheerleaders would practice on the field too. "Your sister is gorgeous, dude," I confessed to Levi. I wasn't sure if he'd punch me in the face as a response or if he'd know my intentions were harmless. He looked at me and laughed. "You have no shot with my sister, bro." A hit to the ego is better than a punch to the face. Glasses are expensive. I was about to change the subject when Tyler jogged over. "Hey, Ivy's throwing a party tonight. Ya'll should stop by," he said. Levi didn't even think about it before responding, "I'll be there." I didn't feel too sure about this party, but I said I'd stop by anyway. Tyler ran back to his team. Coach blew his whistle and it was time to start suicides. Before I started running I wished that Cora Knight would be attending this party.