Just thought I'd share some fun animal facts with you - these about mothers in the animal kingdom!


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The elephant has the longest gestation period of any mammal (22 months), and calfs stay with their mothers for 16 years! The mother is aided by other mothers in the matriarchal society to raise her calf


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The opossum mother carries her babies in her pouch until they are old enough to ride on her back. Her litter can be up to around 15 babies large!


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Octopuses give birth to up to 200,000 eggs, and stay with them for a month, not leaving once to eat. Some have been observed eating their own tentacles to stay alive, before the eggs hatch and the mother dies of starvation


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The alligator carries her babies in her mouth to protect them from predators. She cares for her offspring for about a year


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The earwig mother will provide her eggs with warmth, protect them from predators, and clean them to protect them from fungus. She will only eat the eggs that have gone and won't hatch, and nothing else during this period. She helps them hatch and protects them for another few months before they can survive alone. She feeds them with regurgitated food, and if anything happens to her, they will eat her for sustenance


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The kangaroo mother can have three babies at different stages of development at once; one inside her womb, another tiny joey in her pouch constantly, and a third older joey who can live outside the pouch for longer amounts of time, but still relies on the mother's milk to survive. This requires her to produce two different types of milk at once

Honey Possum

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The honey possum's babies are the smallest in the world at birth, weighing only 0.05g! That's less than a quarter of a grain of rice!

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