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So today I will be doing my 3rd ‘This or That’ article! Check out my other ones here:

I have been tagged by Kara this time:

Because I’ve done one “normal” one (not the celebs one) some questions may have been repeated by I’ll just do them anyway. Let’s go!

⋆Europe or America?⋆

Not from either, but Europe.

⋆Coffee or Tea?⋆


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⋆Cats or Dogs?⋆

Of course dogs!

⋆Books or Movies?⋆


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⋆Bath or Shower?⋆

Shower mostly.

⋆Caramel or Chocolate?⋆

Definitely chocolate.

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⋆Jeans or Skirt?⋆


⋆High heels or Sneakers?⋆


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⋆Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girls?⋆

Never watched either, so neither.

⋆Homesick or Adventurous?⋆

Depend on my mood...I think...

⋆Ice cream or Sweets?⋆

Ice cream.

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⋆Banana or Coconut?⋆


⋆Pizza or Hamburger?⋆

Depends on my mood too 😂.

⋆Strawberry or Apple?⋆

Both but apple a bit more.

⋆Denim or Leather?⋆

I don’t mind both, but more denim.

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