Hello beautiful people of this earth!!!
Hopefully everybody is having a wonderful day and not having an existential crisis because everybody is awesome.

I know Mornings are not fun because getting out of your warm bed sucks, then you have to go to work or school and all you want to do is keep hitting the snooze button on your Alarm. I'm with you but we all have to wake up and face the day hopefully with a smile on you face because each day is a new adventure. this is what i do when i wake up from my bed.

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WAKE UP This one is pretty obvious i wake up and waking up early is hard but when you wake up earlier you have more time to get the things you have planned done.
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PUT MY HAIR UP I put my hair up into a bun or a ponytale because i dont like my hair in my face when i make food.
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BREAKFAST I don't know about you but i love food bacon and eggs are my favorite but sometimes i choose to have a yogurt smoothie.
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BRUSH MY TEETH After eating breakfast i have to keep my teeth all nice and clean because you only have one smile. Until you get old and then maybe you may have to take your smile out.
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WASH MY FACE I love skin care it is so important, but just make sure you use stuff that is meant for your skin because if you use something meant for a different skin type like oily or dry you might just make your skin worse. I know from experience and it is not fun.
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GET DRESSED At this point i am basically all woke up and not very tired any more. This is when i decide what i want to wear for the day most likely it is something comfy because i am all about that comfy lifestyle.
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MAKEUP I dont always wear makeup i depends on if i want to get sort of dressed up or if i do it is just mascara and eyeliner something simple.
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GET BAGS READY ' depending on where i go i get my bag ready for what i am leaving for but i always need my keys and phone.


So this is basically how i get ready in the morning i hope everybody has a great day.
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