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Here for day 3 of the Get To Know Me Challenge. Today it's about family. Especially relationship with my parents.

I found it here, by I @TypicalGirl48

So here we start !

Day 3 : Describe your relationship with your parents

Well, I think, there's not a lot to say actually...

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First of all, my parents divorced when I was 7 years old. Since then, my parents have shared custody, that means I live one week at my father's house the one week at my mother's house (since I am in university, I can do what I want so I decided two weeks). So I have a different relationship with my mother and with my father.


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I am very close to my mother. I told her almost evrything and I always ask for her advice in every subjects, whether about clothes, school or life in general. I like spending time with her : we talk, we do shopping, we laugh... She reassures me and help me to gain confidence.


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When I was a little girl I was very close to my father, but when my parents divorced, we became less closer, until recently. I am not as closed as I am with my mother, but we always laugh together and he likes to make me happy. He is just one too many protective. He always wants me to call him and say "evrything is ok" or that kind of stuff. He tells me that I've grown too fast


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I have quite a good relationship with both of my parents. I never argue with them or rarely. I didn't do a teenager angst. I am not asking much of them and when I want something they usaully gave me what I want because I am reasonnable.
I love them so much. They help me being who I am now. I owe them a lot and I want them to be proud of me.

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English is not my mother tongue, sorry for the mistakes