Title says all; these are some of the places in the world I really want to visit before I die. (:


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I absolutely love the Brazilian culture; with the so called brazilian happiness and the caring people. Sure, the country might be dealing with some criminality, but that definitely won't hold me back. I think Brazil is a beautiful country and for me it's a must to visit! Especially the big cities, like Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro!

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I have actually been to paris before when I was about 13, but I'd love to visit the beautiful city once again. The people are very friendly and helpful and the city's vibe is just amazing. I think Paris is the perfect destination to go to with my future partner or even my mum. :)

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By the way; macarons are delicious x_x


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If I were ever to visit Asia, I wouldn't skip the beautiful country of Thailand. Thailand has the perfect combination between the city life and the country side. I think it'd be lovely to go to Thailand on honeymoon. :)

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Oh yeah, and beaches of course!


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Georgia is such an amazing country with a great history. For me, as an European, I think the European history is very interesting and Georgia for one has a big part in it. I'd love to go on large adventures there!

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I am actually going on holiday to Scotland this summer, which I'm very excited about. I can't wait to discover this beautiful place.

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San Francisco

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If there's one place in America that I really want to visit some day, it must be San Francisco! I think this city has such a great vibe to it. I believe it's a very modern and fun city with loads of things to do!

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Last but not least, Scandinavia! I think Scandinavia is the perfect place for a long roadtrip with your best friends. And by that I mean visiting all the beautiful countries, from Sweden to Norway!

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And that's that! I hope this article helped you in any way! And remember;

Travel, it's the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer!

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