i find some people really happy. some almost too happy. i wonder what's in their lives that could make them so happy and sparkly on the inside.

today, i was out with one of my close friends in lush, and i saw this bath bomb, and when i pay for it, i could find my card. i'm a very anxious person and i was on the verge of tears. i was so stressed out and panicking so much. the employee just looked at me and said that she understood what was happening, and she let me have the bathroom for free. so i left, thanking her repeatedly. in the end i found my card, and i went back to pay for it, but she refused to take it, insisting that it was fine. and that really got to me.

i was so confused. i had caused her an inconvenience, but i got a reward for it. and it was just because she was a nice person. she was so cheery, almost like she swallowed one of those sparkly bath bombs and made her insides a burst of colour, sparkles and joy.

what if people that are really, truly happy do actually have sparkles and colour and all of that joy inside of them, that's why they always seem so joyful all of the time.