Finding inspiration for that new essay or book that you've always wanted to write can be really hard. Thankfully there are a ton of ways to get inspired and hopefully find that perfect idea.

Reading a Book

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Reading books can often help you learn things you never thought you would, perhaps bringing you a new perspective on things.

Writing your ideas down

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This might seem obvious but actually getting out all your different thoughts on paper can help you see things more clearly and make new connections.

Listening to Music

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It doesn't matter what type, all music has the ability to take us to a state of mind where ideas just flow more naturally. So put those headphones on and start thinking!

Exploring a new place

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Simply stepping a bit out of your comfort zone and walking the long way home could help you experience or see something which ends up inspiring you. You will never know if you don't try it!

Talking to someone

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We often forget that most people have lots of stories they've never told. Next time you see a friend or meet someone new, try being a listener rather than a speaker and perhaps you'll learn something new.

Finally, just relax.

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Trying to force an idea is often the worst possible way to do things. Sometimes you just need to let your thoughts go and clear your mind. Just laying down in silence or trying some meditation could prove to be just the thing you needed. Sometimes doing nothing is the best option.