Luna Hart's POV

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I slept like absolute garbage last night. My sleeping patterns are progressively getting worse. Insomnia, night terrors, or nightmares nearly every night. I'm beginning to wonder how much more of this I can take. Since I have all the time in the world to think, I thought about when I first found my ability to poof [ poof: teleport, appear in any destination, typically done by witches ]. Obviously I went to Tokyo. Just wide eyed, curious, tyke me poof-ing all over the world. Only to get my powers halted by my mama when I didn't cover my tracks. It was all worth it.

Thinking about it now...who says I can't travel when I can't sleep? It'll be easier to not get caught now th-

Hold that thought. There's a pancake bunny about to be in my very empty tummy. "Whoa, Riley. That looks amazing," I said, sitting up. She smiled. "Just for you. Oh, mom says don't be late for school," she said. She was always so happy. Like there was no wrong in the world. I wondered if she kept it all inside or if she actually had no worries. In the morning, this pissed me off about her. But I love her to death, and am so thankful she let our mom lure her here to live. She handed the plate to me with a fork. "Enjoy! I'm going to read," she said, and skipped out. I shook my head and dug into the pancake.

~ thank you, ryebread ~, I thought to her.

Not quite ready yet to get up, I grabbed my sketchbook and pencil and sketched exactly how I felt - sleepy as fuck.

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she's yawning, not screaming
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