Everything. Everywhere. Always. I just think of you and you will think what is so crazy about that, you love me, we are a couple. And maybe that is the hardest thing, that I love you, but I don't have any lovely words you said or attention you give me, where I can hold on if I am scared to lose you or my love for you or if I am scared to lose myself.... and I am often scared of those things. But I didn't know that you kept something hidden for me. I didn't know that it was right what I felt, you didn't love me like first..... The most scared thing came true. I felt sad, very sad, my heart was truly broken. I felt lonely, the whole world slept. I just sat there in my bed with tears in my eyes my hands on my heart because it hurts very badly. I was scared to lose myself. But I kept trying, I am still trying. But I am so fucking sad. I thing the whole day about you. I send thousend messages and you just reacting shortly. And I keep fighting, for you, for me, for US.
I can break up with you.
Then this pain is over.
But sweetheart, I NEED YOU SO BAD.
and I love you. But it is hard you know? To love someone whose love fade away.....
Maybe it is so hard because you used to be my bestfriend.
My best friend who, if I had to cry and needed him, would come to my house and take me in his arms until I no longer had to cry.
But as my boyfriend he let me often cry...
My bestfriend who asked me if I was uncertain and said that I had nothing to be unsure about.
But as my boyfriend he let me feel so unsure.

XOXO A girl with a broken heart