Soo I've been trying to find some body positive quotes and I found some,but there is soo much quotes like:
Work for it,and don't give up.

I want to screaaaam

Your body is your home
Your body is goreous
right fuckin now
You don't need to change
just to please some stupid people's eyes?
We are teached wrong,
You can be big and be healthy and
others shoudn't give a fuck about that.

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Ive heard soo much about I don't fit in these pants,but I will when I lose weight
-throw them away.
Or I am still not on my goal weight
-your ideal weight is now,
start loving it and stop crying over it

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The moment I realise
that I shoudn't change
my body was life changing.
Because if universe
or god
or something
you believe in wanted
you alive
it wanted you like this.

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I am soo happy about women spiking out,about our body positivity,but you can still see stuff like that.

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It will change,
and change starts with you.

So love yourself, because sometimes there will be no one else to do it for you,

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-with much love and hope,
your Lea♥