nike, aesthetic, and shoes image soft, aesthetic, and beauty image aesthetic, white, and milk image fashion, outfit, and girl image
Sunday: minimalistic hoe who only buys things if they look “aesthetic,” only child who doesn’t know what to do with her free time.
book, coffee, and study image girl, aesthetic, and grunge image adidas, asian, and brown image glitter, eye, and makeup image
Monday: a very studious coffee lover who doesn't get a lot of sleep but is super smart. loves photography and staying hydrated.
drink, mint, and mojito image aesthetic, green, and theme image Image by jômâńã Ğhąñĕm green, plants, and succulents image
Tuesday: plant mom who loves drinking green tea and has really bad grades in school. also likes to draw and is very good at it.
aesthetic, orange, and peach image peach, peaches, and peachy image Image removed accesories, gold, and jewelry image
Wednesday: warm person with a warm heart who has great fashion sense and loves taking pictures during golden hour.
pink, drink, and aesthetic image outfit, pink, and style image makeup, glitter, and beauty image rose gold, pink, and nails image
Thursday: friends call her a baddie because she loves to do glamorous makeup and wear famous brands. obsessed with her eyebrows and the color rose gold.
boy, couple, and fashion image Mature image fashion, style, and black image Mature image
Friday: goes to parties and hooks up a lot. wears sexy outfits to attract guys. is secretly insecure and kinda sad.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It pink, donuts, and food image kiss and love image girl, flowers, and hair image
Saturday: sweetest girl ever and would never hurt a fly. loves flowers, donuts, and romance movies.