Hey WHI,

Whats good with everyone? Hope everyone is enjoying their spring so far. Although if you're like me and live in the east you're just like

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Lmao 😂

But its all good. What I also forgot also is that its poetry month

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So therefore, I will try to post a few of the poems I've written awhile back. Idk if they'll be a cringeworthy read or not, I guess I'll leave that to you.

This poem here is called, Hand Me Downs, this one I had written when I was just wishing I had more like everybody else. But then I had to realize its not the clothes that make the person.


People laugh
At the hand me downs I wear,
Every little stain and tear.
What did she see when she stood there,
In the mirror,
They asked.
Good question, I said.
And smiled with pride.
Because my journey,
Speaks much more,
Than the clothes I chose to dress in,
When I woke up this morning.

The shirt I wear,
May not be silk,
Low-cut with cleavage,
Or have a pop of color.
It's just to cover my chest,
The very flesh that conceals my heart
Like a bullet proof vest.
It's been broken,
Mixed in with the light and dark
But these days I enclose it with a cloak
Engraved in marble and gold,
Feelings never too young or old.

And on an event,
The dress I wear,
May not have the name,
Of Dolce and Gabbana,
Or Versace in the least.
But reveals every enticing curve,
And lean of my body.
That every year I've grown to hate,
Insecruity never old, but never arrived late.
Tonight though, it will await.
Cuz to a ball I might go
A princess I feel, so I may as well show.
Not up until midnight,
Or forever and a day.
Cuz this beautiful part of me,
Is here to stay.
And beauty, I've learned,
Does not need a designer or name.
So with confidence tonight I will dance and play,
Take its hand and carelessly sway,
Until under the stars of the night I lay.

The pants I wear could be tight or loose,
Black or blue,
With denim worn
Over and over.
At least my legs,
Are standing upright,
Moving forward.
And work when tired.
And not laying dead,
With thoughts of what life could be
Hour after hour,
In them, grows a power,
I'm running between dreams,
And these days, they encourage me,
Instead of mocking me of what could be.

The shoes I lace up,
May not be converse
Or Nike air,
But why frown or despair?
To my true destination
I may not be exactly,
But I'm getting there.
No challenge too great,
Over sleet, snow or rain.
One step at a time.
Miles I've travelled,
Up and through stop signs.
Hiking upon mountains.
Too many times I've been told no,
But they can't stop me now
Even if they choose to follow.

Eyebrows uneven,
No foundation.
To cover what everyone calls flaws.
Do my lashes even out?
I don't recall.
Mac and Maybelline
What is it to me?
Will it help perfect my thoughts and speech?
Maybe she's born with it,
But she is not me.
The world is falling, piece by piece,
So why so concerned on perfecting my beauty?
Lip balm or lip gloss,
Should not uphold me,
To a standard of society.
Yes, beautiful with or without,
But judge me by who I am.
And not by the colors,
Or what hides behind them.

I may not carry a purse by Chanel
Or Micheal Kors
My jewelry might rust,
Again not designer.
Not made of real silver or diamonds.
But sentimental value in itself is priceless.
To think for myself,
Carrying deep the knowledge I inherit.
Containing such merit.
Thinking outside the box and in spirit.
So what are names to me than what they are,
Ones that aren't mine.
Superior or inferior in design,
That I don't mind,
If you decide.
Either way, I'm here.
My voice someday, you will hear.
So let your laughing and taunting
Lead you away in trivial pursuit,
But me
In my hand me downs,
May have something worth more
Than what your mind
Can even begin to pursue.


This is not to say you shouldn't want or desire more, or that makeup is this evil thing that you should get rid of. No, what I'm saying is that you are more than what you own and how you look. Whether you have those things or not, what really defines you as a person? Because if you do wear designer clothes or this fancy makeup yet your personality and character is shallow af, theres someone else with much less who are content and humble and therefore makes them richer than any other actual rich person. Does that make sense? Sort of?

I used to be bullied cuz I never had the better things the other kids have. I used to feel really down because I would feel left out and feel like an outcast. But overtime what I've learned is that who tf cares what people think, you know? While you're busy laughing at me im excelling at something much greater than your feeble mind can understand. So yeah. That's the lesson I've learned.

Did you guys like it? Drop me a heart if you did. I'll be back soon with another one.

Enjoy ya day lovelies ✌🏽