Hi fellow hearters :)

I don't know why, but I felt like writing an article on my fave movies! I've been rewatching a lot of them over the last couple of weeks. It's a great way to procrastinate on my school work haha! Maybe my fave movies are a bit cheesy and expected but here we go anywayssssssss

1. Clueless

Clueless image Clueless, paul rudd, and alicia silverstone image gif and Clueless image Image removed

2. Bring it on (all movies)

bring it on and movie image bring it on, movie posters, and movies image

3. Monte Carlo

monte carlo and selena gomez image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

4. In time

Action, alex pettyfer, and amanda seyfried image Image removed

5. Step up All In (5)

step up all in, step up, and ryan guzman image camille, dance, and moose image

6. 101 Dalmations

gif and 101 dalmations image Temporarily removed

7. Mamma mia

mamma mia and meryl streep image mamma mia and movie image

8. Baby driver

baby driver, lily james, and ansel elgort image baby, ansel elgort, and baby driver image

9. Step Up 2: The streets

dance, step up, and rain image Image removed

10. Beauty and the beast

Image removed Image removed

11. Stick it

fit, gym, and gymnastics image Temporarily removed

12. Bad moms

Mature image Image removed

13. Step sisters (netflix original)

dance, dancing, and film image dance, dancing, and film image

14. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Angelina Jolie, love, and brad pitt image Angelina Jolie, brad pitt, and movie image

15. Wonder woman

wonder woman, chris pine, and gal gadot image Amazon, girl power, and movie image

16. The maze runner (all movies)

Image removed amigos, newt, and thomas image

17. The princess diaries (1+2)

Queen, quotes, and Late image chris pine, Anne Hathaway, and kiss image

18. Legally blonde

funny and legally blonde image legally blonde and Reese Witherspoon image

19. The proposal

Temporarily removed Image removed

20. Moana/Vaiana

Temporarily removed disney, disney princess, and moana image

21. Olympus & London has fallen

Temporarily removed london has fallen image

22. Red (1 + 2)

movie and red 2 image film, Helen Mirren, and movie image

23. Mr. Popper's penguins

carrey, jim, and jim carrey image penguin image

24. White chicks

white chicks, funny, and movie image Image by cludam

25. Wild child

Inspiring Image on We Heart It wild child, emma roberts, and school image

So these are my favorite movies, hope you like them and have some inspiration on what to watch :)