(Adj) beautiful; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.


The door of the Police station opened and a female figure walked in.

And the men's eyes widen.

The woman in front of them was no other than an art in living, breathing form.

Their jaws, which were sharper than any of Jin's knife dropped to the floor as their eyes racked through the young woman like they haven't seen one in years.

Her eyes were the first thing that caught their attention.

They were big and round, containing a shade of blue sky in summer and a light dust of greenery of a forest after rain.

They shined like diamonds, having a pinch of softness and small bits of mystery.

Her features were soft, a round face, a defined pointed nose, and a small pink mouth.

The hue on her cheeks was a light rosy pink, looking unbelievably soft.

Her hair was jet black like a night sky, skin the contrast of her hair, reminding them of marshmallows and pink sweets.

Her uniform, however, was a different story.

A white button-up shirt with loose long sleeves which were folded up. A black tie with the bangtan scouts logo engraved on it. A black six button high waisted shorts with black high knee socks.

Indeed a uniform of the rookie, the similar one they all had worn on their rookie days.

But she made it a lot worth. The way it hugged every soft curve of her body was a sight to see. It's like it was only made for her to wear.

They wondered how she looked so temping wearing it while Kim yugyeom who also came in this year was just looking like an idiot with his first three buttons undone.

The female, however, had an era of perfection and confidence.

"Hello, Inspectors." The young woman's smiled as she greeted.

No way!!

"I'm Kwon Jinhee."

Are those....?

"The new rookie."


The males were left speechless. And before they could embarrass themselves like always, Namjoon spoke up.

"Hello, Inspector Jinhee! I'm Inspector Kim Namjoon. We were told about your arrival. It's really nice to meet you." Namjoon smiled charmingly, offering a handshake.

"It's nice to finally meet you too, Sir." Jinhee shook his hand and Namjoon was never this satisfied before.

Someone. finally. shook. his.hand.

"Now that this is done. Jin can you inform me more about your restaurant and- Oh! Are those pastries?" While the Chief trailed off to the pastries, Jin sends a smile towards Jinhee in acknowledgment and went after the Chief.

Jinhee watched them then turned her head to the other six males, her eyes flickering as she did so.

She found them still frozen but thankfully they were blinking now.

She passed them another smile.

R. I. P.

Taehyung blinked his wide-eyed furiously while Hoseok started to smile, a little too wide.

R. I. P part 2.

"Hello! I'm Inspector Jung Hoseok. I'm really delighted to see you." Hoseok grinned.

Jinhee's eyes started sparkling and she literally thought about wearing sunglasses while working here and everyone could only relate.

Hoseok was after all a ray of hope and sunshine in this world.

"Hey hey!! I'm Kim Taehyung but you can call me Taetae." Taehyung popped out in front of her and smiled.

He scrunches his nose as he looked down at her.

Now that he stood close to her, they could see her hight was quite small, like really small.

Infront of Taehyung's giant boyfriend material body, she looked extremely tiny.

Jinhee looked at Taehyung with amusement filled eyes.

She could see herself getting along really well with him in the future.

As the introduction went on which included Jungkook's stuttering and Yoongi's straight face, they were finally able to settle down.

Jinhee was lead on by Yerin who showed her around while the males sat down together.

"Damn hyung! She's gorgeous."

"And really hot, like at this level." Hoseok held up his finger higher it could go.

Yoongi made a face, watching the officers whisper to each other like those teenage girls who just saw their crush walk past.

"You guys are disgusting."

"Come on hyung! We know you think the same." Jungkook defended.

"She's a kid," Yoongi stated with a straight face.

"Oh, of course, you think that. You're turning thirty-one in some months." Jimin seems to have a death wish.

Lucky for him, Yoongi only made a face again and got up from the seat, looking done with life.

He walked up to his large cubicle and sat down in his chair. Turning his head to the left he saw the empty cubicle which belonged to Jin once.

But now he could see the packed boxes ready to be opened. He had a feeling that she will be using it now.

He just wanted for Jin to never retire and stay beside him like always.

Now he could only wish that she wasn't a loud one.


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