0% fat products are everywhere and we're tricked into thinking they are healthier than their normal version.
but guess what, they aren't.
usually they are actually unhealthier because they use more sugar to compensate the missing fat. (fat and sugar are flavor carriers. without them, food tastes bland and boring.) and as you probably read in my previous article or have heard of from somewhere else, sugar has a lot of bad effects. it's as addictive as cocaine (actually in experiments with rats, they even prefered sugar over cocaine.) and if you eat too much of it, it will basically make you fat and ugly.

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so i guess you don't want that.
but wait... doesn't fat make you fat?
that would make sense, wouldn't it?
well, fat is processed differently, it takes more time to digest it and it will keep you full for a longer time than carbs. this results in a more stable blood sugar and therefore less hunger and overeating.
sugar spikes your insulin and insulin is responsible for converting glucose to fat and storing fat.
so sugar is worse for weigth gain than fat actually.
of course you can't generalize it and it's a bit more complex, but i just wanted you to know that you shouldn't be afraid of fat.
especially oils from plants are very nourishing and good for you.
try to take in more omega 3 fatty acids, since you need a balance between omega 6 and 3 and our western diet usually has too much omega 6 and that can lead to more inflammation.

so what can you learn from this?
- don't fall for the "0% fat trap", just buy the yoghurt with a lot of protein and without added sugar, that's the best choice.
- have some nuts as a snack instead of a croissant or carb stuff, that will keep you satisfied and energized and nuts are full of good stuff.

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- don't be stingy with the oil when you're cooking, get some nice olive oil and you're doing your body a big favor.
- avocados! yes, they are great. my second favorite breakfast (after smoothies...

) is half an avocado with an egg in it and then microwaved. and this even looks cool ^^

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i hope you enjoyed this article and learned something :)
xx, a random girl from the internet

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