1. too faced peanut butter and jelly palette

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how to be a real #snack

i love food even more than i love myself, so this is a must! ive seen all sorts of youtubers and bloggers review this amazing palette and every time i watch a new review, i want this palette even more! PB&J sandwiches are so delicious and generally super cute - this palette is a winner!

2. box of crayons iShadow palette

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we're all kids at heart

okay, so, i used this palette in my last article (go give it a read because i crave online validation to fill the emotionless void that is my being) because i just thought it was such a darn diddly adorable idea to theme a palette on.

3. too faced peanut butter and honey palette

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i love peanut butter.

i found out about this one from the PB&J palette and so now, i want them both.

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4. velvet voss pro palette

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i think someone made a meme about this...

ANYWAYY i've been getting into nude colors and browns and stuff alot more recently, and i really love all of the colours in this palette. i think the names also influence it alot, if i like the aesthetics associated with the names, i like it. im a sucker for capitalism.

also, it is so teddy bear 🐻

5. sugarpill x little twin stars palette

Image by barney Image by barney
you'll be on cloud nine with this!

this isnt something id have ever expected myself to fall for, but the more i look at it the more i realise how much fun i could have with it!

6. beauty bakerie's do it for the graham palette

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want s'more?

s'mores are one of my all time favourite treats. s'mores frappucino. s'mores girl scout cookies. s'mores pop tarts. s'mores cereal. s'mores EVERYTHING. and i think the most important part of the s'more is the cracker. if its not honey maid, go home.

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(this gif should be 18+)

so thats it... ive probably forgotten something