Riley Hart's POV

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I start my day the same way everyday. Get up, stretch, and run to the stable to see my horse Kiki. I swear she's my best friend. She's got the kindest eyes and sweetest touch. I'd fall asleep with her as a kid whenever I didn't feel good. We've shared a lot of good memories. Even if we lose a competition, I feel the same way about her and our bond. I gave her a kiss between the eyes and left her to the hay she was eating.

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I went back inside hoping to squeeze in a few pages of the book I was reading before having to go to school. "Good morning, sweetheart," my mother said. "Good morning, mama," I replied. "I tried to get your sister up, but she's refusing to get out of bed. Please make sure she's not late for school. I have to get to work early. There's a meeting," she said, while packing her bag and putting on her coat. "I'll make sure she's there," I assured her. I grabbed my mom's phone and offered it to her. "Don't want to forget this," I grinned. Grateful for my observational skills, she kissed me on the head and was gone.

I'm a morning person. The earlier I wake up, the better. Luna, on the other hand, does not agree. She's grumpy and doesn't want to talk to anyone until at least 12PM. I decided waking her up with breakfast would be the best idea.

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