Recently, I've been watching a variety of youtube videos and I've found a bunch of amazing youtubers that I'd like to share with you! It's one of them is really special as they have contributed to what I am now and what I'll become in the future. We may not understand it directly but what we watch, read or listen to influences us, as individual personalities. Thus, we have to make the right choices and display ourselves in things that will flourish and improve us.

Here are the youtubers that I enjoy watching:

Tatiana Ringsby

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She's such an inspiring person! I love her kindness, honesty and positive attitude that she always has towards life.

Emma Chamberlain

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She's my source of happiness! There are numerous days that I'm feeling down and these are the days when I'm turning to her videos. I'm laughing so hard! She's the humorous best friend every girl would love to have.

Marla Catherine

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Marla's vlog channel is life! She's a successful lifestyle youtuber whose videos I enjoy to the max.

Emma Johannson

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A swedish cute teen ,with perfect english accent,is my source of motivation for sure. When I'm bored I watch one of her videos and then I'm willing to do everything you want. The way she passes this feeling is unique.

Summer McKeen

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Summer is extremely friendly and amiable. She's so sweet in all of her videos and I would definitely love to meet her in person.

Hannah Meloche

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Hannah is the cutest! So nice and down to earth girl with well made videos and vlogs.

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Ioanna XOXO