We are art
But even the
Most beautiful paintings
Can burn.

The beginning
Caitlyn’s Backstory

Aden was a beautiful, loving young boy. Dashing to all, he’s laughter filled the house, making his mum laugh as well. Making pancakes was one of her specialties, teaching Aden step by step how to make these delicious pancakes.

After a messy fight with flower and batter dripping down the counter and 20 stacks of pancakes later. They were finished, with a huff Caitlyn fell down on the couch, her stomach full while Aden gobbled up another one.

A smile spread across her lips as she stared at him. So, innocent, Aden came running from the dining table and fell next to his mother. His mouth still covered in syrup. With a laugh Caitlyn wiped his mouth with the cloth hang from her apron.

After an hour or two watching kids shows. Caitlyn stood up and started washing the dishes and cleaning the mess. Pancakes at 6PM was a tradition in the house if she wasn’t in the mood to make a four-course meal. Not like Aden mind at all.

She finished washing up and cleaning, when she walked to the bathroom. Ready to tickle Aden into the bath, he sure didn’t like bathing so early. As Caitlyn turned the taps, her melody danced onto her lips. A melody her mother taught her, it always calmed her down. Because deep down inside she felt something was different.

As she bath filled she went and got Aden’s clothes, yes he was 8 but always stayed her baby. She called once, twice even three times but he just ignored her.

Now she knew she had to tickle him into taking a bath, as she sneaked up on him. She grabbed him and tickled him to death. His laughter filling up the silence in the house/apartment.
With a few more tickles he was in, ready for that bath.

Aden was a dreamer, he believed in what he believed. Aden was tall for his age, his mother said he was going to grow as big as his father.

He always felt proud of that even if he didn’t know who his father was. With grey eyes and pale skin Aden looked like a doll especially with his dark brown hair.
And of course a British accent left his lips with every word he spoke.

After Aden had bathed, Caitlyn brushed his hair as he examined a toy. Talking about his dreams and wanting to be just like batman.

She smiled as she finished bruising his hair, kissing him on the top of his head. With a soft movement she turned of his light , leaving his door open a bit. She went off to bed.

She loosened her hair and ruffled it with her fingers, the same colour as Aden’s. She ran herself a hot bath, as she waited she hummed her melody again. Slipping off her dress, and under wear she sunk down into the warm, steaming water. Her body rejecting the heat but she loved it, she forced herself deeper. Her skin red as a sun kissed burn, with a big sigh Caitlyn closed her eyes. Feeling the pressure roll off her body.

After a few long minutes Caitlyn got out of the bathtub and started to dry her body, a strange sound came from the hall. Caitlyn stopped drying her leg as she closed her eyes and listened, but nothing made a sound.
Caitlyn finished drying herself as she twirled her hair into a wet bun. Putting on her pajamas, she felt as if something was staring at her. Caitlyn’s breath caught in her lungs as she slowly turned around, to find nothing.

With a sights of relive she opened the bathroom door and walked to her bedroom, just a quick look to see if Aden is still asleep.

Caitlyn sat in front of her mirror, wiping off her make-up when her door slammed shut. With a yelp she turned around slowly seeing nothing in the mirror. As she turned she was face to face with him.

She fell from her chair, to the ground. Gasping at what she saw before her. Glowing yellow eyes, those eyes shed never forget. He hovered above the floor like a demon. But as she cradled backwards her back slammed the wall hard. She moaned in pain, as he moved closer towards her, a smirk played on his mouth.

His teeth as sharp as knifes: “Hello Caitlyn”. He hissed, hovering over her,
Caitlyn moved herself upwards against the wall, gulping down her fear.

“It’s you! How did you find me? “Caitlyn asked her voice puzzled at the thought of him here.

“I follow and track down the things I want the most. “He calmly said. Placing his fingers together as in admiration as he moved around the room.

“What do you want demon? “Caitlyn said, poison spat from her lips.

He moved with lightning speed as she slammed Caitlyn against the wall his fingers pressing down around her neck. He leaned in close and said,


Footsteps filled the silence in the apartment, only the sun made its way between the white smooth curtains. The sun spread across the bedroom and landed on Aden’s face. His face stained with tears as he cradled against his mother’s lifeless body. She was so close yet so far from him.

“Caitlyn?” A small Asian voice came from the hall.

Aden didn’t move, hearing Ms. Yang’s voice didn’t want him to move an inch. MS. Yang a short Asian woman, with medium long black hair and light brown almond shaped yes. Her tiny lips gave her the most genuine smile, he has ever seen. She was like his second mother, spending all his birthdays with him, thanksgiving, Christmas you name it. The Yang’s were there, always.

“Aden! Sweetie you here?” Ms. Yang asked. Her voice barely a whisper, her footstep came closer and closer to his mother’s bedroom. Slow steps but they became louder.