the past couple of days i saw people making articles about their morning routine.

because they looked like fun to write, i thought to make one about my own everyday morning routine.

because my classes begin at different times everyday, i choose the day at what my classes begin most of the time.

if you are curious enough to read about someone else their morning routine, stay here and get to know a little bit more about the beginning of my daily life.

the time when my alarm is making an unpleasing sound.

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i wake up and check my phone for max. 2 minutes to check if i have any notifications from the past night.

getting out of my bed.

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i grab the clothes that i choose the evening before and walk to the bathroom to wash my face and change my clothes to what iโ€™m going to wear that day.

yes, i take 30 minutes in the bathroom to wash my face and put on some new clothes.

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depends on how much time iโ€™ve spend in the bathroom sometimes i brush my teeth before i do my make-up and eat breakfast, but most of the time i brush my teeth after all of that.

now is the time that iโ€™m going to put on some make-up.

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if i want a basic make-up look i only put on some foundation, powder, mascara and lipbalm. but the past couple of weeks my routine is foundation, powder, a little bit of blush, highlighter on the tip of my nose, mascara and lipbalm.

when iโ€™m done with the base (foundation, powder, blush and highlighter),

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i go downstairs and grab some cornflakes and tea to bring back upstairs to my room to eat while iโ€™m finishing the rest of my make-up.

around this time iโ€™m done with my make-up while eating breakfast.

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i go back to the bathroom to brush my teeth (if i didnโ€™t do that before doing my make-up and eating breakfast) and to comb/brush my hair. if my bangs arenโ€™t doing what i want, i grab my straightener and straighten my bangs.

i go back to my bedroom.

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make my bed, put on some shoes, grab my backpack, quickly spray on some perfume and open the curtains (yes, i like the dark).

i walk downstairs.

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put the lunch in my backpack that my mom made for the day (love you mom), put on my coat/jacket and grab my keys for my bicycle that i use to go to school with.

what a list, so now you know my everyday morning routine.

i hope you liked reading it, and maybe got inspired to make your own article about your morning or night routine.

for now have a good morning, good afternoon or good night,

and try to spread love and be yourself,

๐“๐‘œ๐“‹๐‘’, me x