I love the Australian novel 'Jasper Jones'. I read it a year ago now and I loved the story. I got exactly what I love to get out of a reading experience from it, in the most unexpected way possible. I found the main character relatable - despite him being a 13 year old boy in the 1960's.

The author Craig Silvey, I believe, fully encapsulated the coming of age story of an Australian teen in a small town. The relationships and struggles faced by the protagonist, Charlie Bucktin, felt non forced and accurate. The narrative or overarching plot itself was moving in an unusual way and I believe that no matter the genre that any reader is comfortable with, they would get enjoyment out of this.

This particular novel was made into a film also in recent years, and personally, yes. I felt the film did do very close justice to the novel. However, my main complaint would actually lie with the character personalities/portrayals and relationships. I felt a different personality and friendship between Charlie and his best friend in the novel, and also the attitude of the character Jasper Jones, not that this is a huge deal, however it did take an amount of enjoyment out of the film experience for me, perhaps simply because I hold a view of the novel that is on quite a pedestal.

Personally, this novel was the best book I had read in a long time, and perhaps will be for a time to come.