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So I've recently come across an article, a self-love tag by Desertedheart and I thought I should try doing one too!

do check out her article, it's wonderful!!

Let's start

List 5 strengths you have

[ 1 ] I am really determined when I do things.
[ 2 ] I'm a really independent person, I can survive on my own.
[ 3 ] Enthusiasm. I think I'm considered enthusiastic when it comes to work.
[ 4 ] I am a really friendly person, I LOVEEEEEE making new friends!!
[ 5 ] Positive attitude. I'm hell of a positive person, even if the sky collapse, I think I will still be able to think of something positive lmao.

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List 10 things you like about yourself

[ 1 ] My height, I'm rather tall I guess.
[ 2 ] My tan skin. Hehe, I love the colour of my skin. I used to have darker skin colour, but as I grow up, I guess I got fairer.
[ 3 ] How I'm able to sleep anywhere. Yes, anywhere. I even slept over at the airport before, with a bunch of friends.
[ 4 ] My hair, I love my hair.
[ 5 ] My huge appetite
[ 6 ] The fact that I'm not picky about my food. As long as its edible, I'll eat.
[ 7 ] I don't really care about gaining weight and whatsoever, I eat whatever I want.
[ 8 ] I don't care about what people say about me
[ 9 ] I'm loud. Some people hate loud and noisy people. Not sorry, I love the fact that I'm loud, it means that I can be heard easily :>
[ 10 ] My name, I think it's quite unique (both my English and Chinese names)

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5 things you've done and are proud of

[ 1 ] I've studied hard for the most recent exams and I didn't have to re-take any modules
[ 2 ] I manage to go overseas for my internship.
[ 3 ] I was the leader of my activity club
[ 4 ] I climbed a mountain, didn't reach the summit but I'm still proud that I've scaled most parts of the mountain
[ 5 ] I've managed to make some real friends and cast those who don't matter aside.

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Reasons to smile ( because of you)

[ 1 ] I'm quite a funny person, I love making my friends laugh
[ 2 ] I laugh a lot, and my friends say that my laughter is weird af
[ 3 ] I'm moving on from my past

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Tips for practising self love

[ 1 ] Listen to positive music.
Recommendation: Love Yourself : Her ( It's an entire album ), Cypher Pt. 4 -- BTS
[ 2 ] DO NOT compare yourself to others, everyone is different.
[ 3 ] Spoil yourself once in a while. Get new clothes, get your hair done and buy a new pair kicks.

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I love myself because...

I am who I am, there is only one of me on this planet. I love myself because I am different from others, because I am improving to be a better person, to appreciate myself more.

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“Life is more beautiful knowing that we’ve taken a loan on death. Even light is treasured more when there’s darkness.” -RM (BTS)

Most importantly, love yourself, you are only given one chance to live, so live your life to the fullest, make the best out of it.

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