hey beauties!
So I recently got a tattoo and now I am excited to get my next one and I have been encouraging my friends to get ones to. Anyway some of them are unsure what to get so if you are the same situation here are some ideas!


I love my astrological sign and I believe it fits me perfectly. If you love these tattoos but do not want to have the same ones as everyone else, here are some ideas:

stars, drawing, and pastel image astrology, cancer, and crab image cancer, tattoo, and zodiac image tattoo and moon image

There are many different styles you can get your zodiac tattoo in!

Childhood Nicknames

Another good idea is to get a special name tattoo. My first tattoo was actually a nickname from my mother that still reflects who I am today.

pretty, special, and tattoo image Image by Precious<3


I think everyone has a special quote they would love to get on their body. Here are a few of my favorites.

art, back, and ink image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed flower, girl, and quote image


Personally I would not get anyone’s tattoo on me unless it was family. Others feel differently so here are a few ideas.

Laura, name, and tattoo image forever, herz, and kinder image

Roman Numerals of important dates

I think Roman Numeral date tattoos are super cool. Plus if you have a date you’d like to remember but it’s really personal, then a roman numeral tattoo can keep your privacy.

Temporarily removed tattoo, neck, and black and white image ethan, tattoo, and dolan image Mature image

Chinese Characters

I personally would not get any chinese character tattoos. I do not know anything about chinese culture. My only interest in them is that they look cool.

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


I love the quirkyness of space tattoos

astronaut, astronauta, and luna image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed tattoo and ink image


Very classic but still beautiful in their own way

tattoo, flowers, and rose image Temporarily removed tattoo, flowers, and rose image aesthetic, arm, and purple image

Well I hoped this article helped you decide what kinda tattoo you would like to get!