Ok hey guys, so this is my first ever article. I've never known what to write, but when I first saw the if I were a... challenge it made me want to have a go, so here is my take on the #thisismechallenge #ifIwereA #gettoknowme
(Also this is super long so be prepared)

1. If I were a clothing style

To be honest my style is quite basic, most days I just throw on a pair of jeans, simple t-shirt and a hoodie. But this is what I feel most comfortable in.

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basically a white top and blue jeans.

2. If I were a colour

I'm generally a very happy person so I think i'd be yellow. Its such a warm colour and you cant not look at it and feel happy.

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3. If I were an animal

If i were animal I think i'd be a monkey, they're my favorite animal and they have been since I was little, I think mainly because I was born in the year of the monkey. I also think I might be a golden retriever as they are really kind, loving dogs.

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4. If I were a season

I love spring, its warm and flowers and trees are starting to grow again and it feels like a new beginning.

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5. If I were a time of day

I love sunsets / sunrises and I also love the golden hour.

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6. If I were an element

I would be water, I love swimming as I've done it since I was little and I have always enjoyed it.

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7. If I had a superpower

I would love to be able to fly and controlling electricity would be cool.

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8. If I were a flower

I think i'd be a daisy.

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9. If I were a book.

I love the hunger games and harry potter. His dark materials is also amazing.

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the hunger games
Image by A .R aesthetic, glasses, and blue image alethiometer, book, and compass image animal and ferret image
Harry Potter and his dark materials

10. If I were a song.

I think I would be a little mix song, I love little mix, they're my favorite band and I love they're music.

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Wings - Little Mix

11. If i were a band

Well no surprises here, but I love Little Mix, they are amazing. I love all of their songs and they are incredible performers, I've seen them twice before and to be honest they have to be the best days of my life.

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12. If I were a book/ movie character

I'd be either Katniss from the hunger games, or Lyra from his dark materials. I love them both they're strong, independent characters who i'd say I aspire to be.

katniss, katniss everdeen, and hunger games image hair, braid, and black image forest, boots, and nature image aesthetic, arrow, and artemis image
Katniss Everdeen, why I love her - Through out the whole trilogy, she was brave and never stopped fighting for what she believed was right and wrong.
his dark materials, lyra belacqua, and lyra silvertongue image his dark materials, daemon, and lyra belacqua image sky, night, and stars image spy image
Lyra Belacqua, why I love her - She is incredibly smart and never gives up. Also despite her age and the fact that so many people didn't believe in her, she proved them all wrong.

13. If I were a Disney princess

I think i'd be Belle because she loves to help people, she is also not afraid to say what she thinks.

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14. If I were a Mythical creature

I would be a mermaid because I love to swim.

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15. If I were a poem

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16. If I were a feeling

I'd be happiness and freedom.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it.
Enjoy the rest of your day!