Hello angels!
Thank you for making time for reading this, enjoy!

So, my name's Rida

R | Reserved
slow to reveal emotions and opinions, self - contained

art, cross stitch, and diy image ocean, arctic monkeys, and grunge image
other words that define me are rambunctious ;p , reliable

I | Intellectual
a person possessing a highly developed intellect, thinker, bookworm

Image removed book, vintage, and coffee image
other words that describe me: imaginative, independent and ofc. introvert ;)

D | Dependable
worthy of trust or reliance

light, fireworks, and rose gold image love, couple, and hands image

A | Adventurous
a person who is willing to take risks or to try out new methods, daring, bold

butterfly, blue, and aesthetic image eyes, girl, and blue image

that's it!! hope y'all liked it <3
keep shining!

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