"Welcome to my realm," said the Queen of Darkness and her voice echoed through the empty room.
She was made almost entirely out of shadows and a pair of white pearled eyes shone under the moonlight. She sat on her black throne at the top of the cold brick stairs, and behind it the room semed to disappear. Everything around her was pitch black, giving credit to her name.
A man stood at the bottom of the steps, his breath was cold as ice and his eyes as empty as void. The Queen rose to her feet and walked towards the man. He expected to see her more clearly, but as she walked away from the moonlight, her figure became one with the shadows. She stood in front of him, her eyes still shining clear as she inspected the man. She ran her fingernail from his cheek to his chest, following the shape of his collarbone. Her touch sent shivers down his spine, it feel like being touched by death itself.
"It's been a while since I've received a soul as black as yours". She said in a deep voice, staring into the pair of blue eyes that looked right back at her. His expression was impassive, as if being told to have a black soul wasn't new to him.
"Should I take that as a compliment, Daughter of the Night?" he said with a flat voice, there was not a hint of emotion in the way he spoke.
"I'll be sure to have some fun with you," she replied instead.
She moved to the side, surprised, as she noticed the man was not alone. Behind him was the figure of another man a few years younger than him. He was thin like a stick and his pale skin matched the eyes of the Queen. He sat on the floor with his arms around his thighs, shivering in fear.
"It looks like you've been followed, human".
The man turned around to see what she meant and he was not surprised to see his stalker from the human world behind him. His pleading eyes asked to be rescued but he couldn't care less. He turned back around ignoring the man and the Queen smiled in amusement.
"Too bad," she said to the man on the floor. "It seems like you have fallen for someone without a heart."

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