Dear Diary,

After nine days have been passed from 2017, I can't say that I feel anything different from the last year. I have grown up but it happens every day, everytime that I learn something new. Briefly anytime. Anyways I have a question. How am I going to have confidence. I want to be more confident, successful and I do know that I can't reach them by watching series, which I have already watched three years ago. However I feel just so lonely and I really don't know how to get rid of that feeling. It's like days are repeating themselves and someone is really bored of that situation. She wants something different. And I think she is right about questioning her life. She just wants to learn why she is living. One simple question, which no one around her has an actual answer to. And then thy are calling her crazy because of her behaviours. Never mind, I shouldn't think too much before I go to bed. Otherwise I see nightmares, which I don't like. So good night I guess.