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As she stopped to catch her breath, she looked back

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Claire will always be grateful to her best friends and their amazing idea of giving her an intelligent coffee machine on her last birthday. She could set the time in which she wanted to have the coffee and only adding some water and some grounded coffee and she can wake up with the wonderful smell of hot coffee.
As always she listened the coffee machine starting. Claire watched the window. It seemed to be a sunny day in the middle of April and a smile appeared on her face when she realized that she had the meeting at the University in the afternoon.

Claire slowly wake up, helped by the coffee and wore her joggers. It was the perfect day for a run.
Claire was not the typical kind of girl with an obsession for the weight, and well, to be honest, she had never paid a lot of attention on what she eat. She simply liked the nature and the sunny days. She didn't run every single day, and when she does, her stride demonstrate it.
As always, she turned on her IPod in the random reproduction while closing the door of her house.
When she reached the park, she had to stop. 'God, I'm out of training'. She had to admit that her pace was too fast for her heart.
As she stopped to catch her breath, Claire looked back and... SURPRISE!
'No, that cannot be possibile.' Claire had to accelerate again to make her teacher not to see her. Yes, because Claire Moran was a 27-years older who was struggling with the PhD and the assistant of Mr. Barker. And well, she probably would have appreciate an upgrade in their relationship. Claire knew that Mr. Baker had approximately the double of her years, but she was sure he didn't have a family. Their similarity list was so perfect that Claire thought she was compared her with herself. 'This is my perfect man' was a mindset for Claire. Her friends would probably hate her if she speakes about Mr. Barker again. But obviously Mr. Barker didn't know that his best student was seriously in love with him. How can he suspect?

But Claire, how can she suspect that Mr. Barker and that brunette girl she saw sometimes exit from his office at university, had a different relationship than the teacher-student one? And she is so sure that the man she saw a minute before was him. Suddenly, also that wonderful sunny day was the worst day of her life. And she cannot solve the problem. Not this time. Her teacher didn't know her feelings, but now it doesn't matter any more. And her thesis? How can she watch him in the face again without suffer the blow?
A couple of people watched at her, probably she turned the volume of her IPod a bit higher than she had to do. But who cares? She doesn't want to go to University any more. Not when Barker was there, but how was it possible?
She would never admit that her friends had the reason. That was an impossible love story. But not for the other girl.

'Password wrong. Try again.' Her eyes were so full of tears that she cannot clearly see. But she had to send that e-mail to Mr. Barker.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Barker. I don't fell so well today. I think it's my pollen's allergy. I cannot come this afternoon."
Pollen's allergy? How can she tought it? However she had a whole day to think to a better justification for the rest of her university career.

It takes about one whole month before Claire went out again. And she was so luck, because during the summer Mr. Barker had a lot of appointment around European University. "You will forget him, this summer, believe us" her friends were sure the best friends in the whole world, but she wasn't in the mood to do out every night, she didn't want to know some others boys.
"Happy non-birthday Claire". Her friends were in the front of her door, with a gift for her. That was a ticket for Greece. Two entire weeks in Greece. She won't have gone. But she had no choice.

When in October she took her mobile and wrote to that nice guy sitted near to her on the plane, she was surprised. That evening, they had an appoinment. Claire changed the time, an happy hour should be more informal, she tought, but her partner said that was ok, because in this way they could have more time to spend together.
She would haven't believed if someone said her that on December she would have gone out crazy looking for a Christmas gift for a nice, polite, curious, handsome boy.

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