1. Warmer Weather

It's pleasant - not cold, not too hot. Just perfect.

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2. Happier People

It's like everyone had their winter hibernation and waited for Sun to wake them up. And, when there's sunny outside, people seem happier and cheerful to me.

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3. Cherry Blossoms

This is actually the first thing that crosses my mind when I think about Spring. And, oh, those cherry blossoms are so photogenic.

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4. Spring Flowers

For me, those are: violets, snowdrops, hyacinths, bellflowers and daffodils.

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5. Easter

Since I mentioned daffodils - well, I always have them on my table on Easter. Baking cakes, making beautiful dishes, coloring eggs and being creative with decorations - what's there to not love about Easter?

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6. Birds Singing

When birds wake you up - you know Spring is here.

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7. Organizing Wardrobe

It's time for lighter clothes.

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8. Exploring

Like I've said, weather is finally warmer which is great for walking around, travelling and simply exploring nature. Spring is ideal time for that.

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9. Outdoor activities

Grab your bicycle, roller-blades, volleyballs, basketballs, or whatever, call your friends - and play. No, you're not too old for playing. Ever.

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10. Spring Break


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