Faye Blackburn's POV

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I sat at my desk to review the work I started last night. I need at least 10 sketches so we can start bringing these designs to life. I have 7 1/2 right now. The best part about my jobs are I actually enjoy them. They're hobbies I get paid for. And, I get to style and design clothes for well known people (one job at least). It's the cherry on top.

The sound of the rain gently hitting my window was tranquilizing. It was one of those rare, appreciated days when my mood matched the weather. All I wanted to do was curl up in my bed with a warm cup of coffee. I was afraid it'd make me miss him more, though. Instead, I made coffee and continued the work I had to complete. My future self will thank me, and it'll distract me from overthinking.

After about an hour, I decided to organize the photographs I had strewn around my desk. While putting them into a box, one of my favorite photographs fell onto the desk in perfect view. I smiled, and couldn't help but tear up. It's been a few weeks since I received a letter from him. The longest it's ever been, and I am just trying to stay as positive as possible. It's hard seeing him every so often, but it's even worse to always have this lingering dread feeling that he's not coming home. I always force it to the back of my mind, but my worst nightmare is getting a knock at the door and two soldiers telling me my light has been taken away...

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