HI EVERYONE!! today i´m sharing with you my Goals badboys Squad.
My bestie and me always complain for not having badboys in our village, but is that all the fuckboys are in our squad... it´s a kind of sad, but we love them so much.

we are all seven.

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The fuckboys of fuckboys, all people (including my bestie and me) think that he is the most fuckable... okay, is the most handsome.
Let´s talk about her personality, he is a little shy, but when he trust you, he is so extroverty and funny.
He has a perfect jawline ... and is hot.
he is so sweety too, he is the typical badboy you want fuck...

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Also he love drink haha, and when he is drunk he dance very well.
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we love him so much


Also known like Mori, he is the cutest boy i know, he is so aesthetic, he dress very cool and he is very kind.
He is like my bestfriend and i want him very much, really he has been at my side when i need him, he is very important to me and i personally love him so much.
Mori likes challenges and he is a kind of masochist haha, he likes pain, and he likes adventures, although he is sweety, he is creepy haha.
He is the tipical boyfriend material.
He loves drink too, and he doesn´t dance very well but he is one of the most endurance has with the alcohol, i think that he is in the second rank idk.
Before he has long hair but with the time he cute it... don´t worry, he still hot.

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we love him so much no matter what weird he is.


The Badboy, sorry honey, he has a selfish attitude,but inside he is so kind.
He is the tipical guy you see and you turn hot, although he is so straight, he is so funny.
he likes bullyng my friend and me xd, i know that he does that with love.
Well i think he is the first guy with the endurance alcohol... he drinks a lot of alcohol and never is drunk haha... so lucky.
Well my bestie and me loves his curly hair.
he is so handsome and he has the best abs xd, i call him mr pectoralis haha.

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well, i love him no matter how bad he is.


The protector.

He is always protecting us, and he take care of all.
He is so sweety and so cute, is so handsome too, and he is a lovely person.
When we all go to parties, he is taking care of us... he is an angel.
He usually doesn´t drink, but he is the best dancer.
He is a Boyfriend material, the tipical guy you fall in love with.

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we love him
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- Davinia

The cutest girl. she is so adorable and pretty, is so sweety and funny, she likes dance and watch films... we love meet with her.
She has a curly black short hair, and is so goals.
One thing i love about her are her eyebrows, are so perfect...

she is the tipical sweetygirl you see in the highschool. she´s so funny.

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THE MOST PRETTY GIRL, she is my bestie and he is so sweet, i call her Honey and she calls me hun... we had been friends since always... i love hang out with her.
she is the funniest girl, and she is very hot.

she has wavy brown long hair, and she has freckles, she says that she doesn´t like her freackles but they are so beautiful.
My friend is pure art, she is the tipical dangerous and sweety girl.
In all these time she has suffered very much, that´s why she is so strong, in others words she is a badbitch.

we love her very much, me the most.

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- Teresa (me)

Finally it´s me, i´m very smiling person and i like make laught my friends, i love very much all of them but i don´t belive in love.
i love it dance, all people say that i dance very well, i has teach how to dance my bestie... she is a profesional now thanks to me ^^
since 13 years i have always had problems with love myself, i personally don´t like myself, all people say that i´m beautiful but i don´t see in that way...
no problem, in these years thanks to we heart it i´ve learnt very much how to love myself...

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i have a bad experience with the alcohol haha, i´m not so good drinking. but in the parties i love dance like there isn´t tomorrow.

i have the straight, black and long hair...

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and i have dimples :3

i´m giggler.

and i´m avocado lover:3

i hate guys... i mean, only i don´t like to fall in love ... i´m a badbitch too.

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We all love hanging out.
I love them so much.

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