Hey beauties! Today I decided to write an article about going on dates with yourself. This topic is very close to me and I would love to help others feel comfortable doing this.
The point of going on dates with yourself is to realize that you have the freedom to go out and do things you enjoy by yourself. It helps you realize your independence. So here are some tips on how to date yourself.

Self Care:

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Everyone's self care regime is different. Some of the ways I take care of myself is by keeping my skin healthy. I love focusing on my morning routine and when I follow it, it gives me a sense of pride and comfortability.
But self care can be anything that involves you taking time with yourself.

Go Buy yourself a Drink: (if it is legal)

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I love going out to drink with friends. Well sometimes they are not available so I usually end up not going out at all. This is why dating yourself is importance. It will increase your confidence and you will feel more comfortable doing things alone. I have not done this yet but I plan to this weekend and I hope I am completely empowered from it.

Find your Cliche “Long Walk on the Beach”

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I say taking long walks on the beach because it is a cliche type term. But you do want to find somewhere you enjoy going. It allows you to exercise and to think about life.


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Going on a day with yourself does not have to be something extravagant. If you have been exhausting yourself, then relax or sleep. Take some time to watch netflix and take a break from life.

Cook for Yourself

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For me, cooking for myself is really calming. I think learning new recipes and applying them in the kitchen helps you gain more confidence as well.

Buy Yourself Flowers(unless you are allergic or hate them)

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This is the last thing but the most simple. It can be flowers or treats or whatever you want. But buy something that you enjoy. It is okay to treat yourself.

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspires you to enjoy being by yourself more often. Have a great day!