Good day mates! Sorry if that seems like an offense to my fellow Australians but I needed a different intro for today. XD Today's question is... How many of your friends would you trust with your life?

Well to begin with I only have a few really good friends and I'm a weird person so I have to think... In total, I only trust 3 of my friends with my life. First and foremost, I'm someone who slowly gives my trust overtime. The longer I've known you the more likely I'm going to trust you, more over for my life. HOWEVER that's not it. I do have friends that I've known for a long time but I wouldn't trust them with my life. Of course, I trust them but there are certain traits that I look for when it comes to my life. For example, you should know me better than I know myself!

Thank you for reading, I wasn't sure if I structured this article right so sorry for the poor writing!~Kat