i just cant believe its all about you.
i just cant believe that i write about you.
i just cant believe that i still think that i am a beautifull person.
i just cant believe that you are something.
i just cant believe that you are something more than just a memory.
you are more than basic person.
you are so beautifull with your fucking character.
you are beautifull because no one can break you heart.
you are beautifull because when you laught, i just cant feel any pain.
you are just the way you are.
and here is me.
iam in a lot of pain
which just breaks me everytime
when i see your smile,
you face,
or even your precious eyes.
but it breaks me, that you cant be mine
and all the shit we gone together
are just in MY memories.
but my sadness is just not a feel anymore
and i am trying so hard to understand
how my sadness works,
but i cant
because it is invisible.
you motivated me not to give up every time i break down.
but now you are the reason why i break down every day.
and i just keep trying to say to myself
that its just a bad day, or a bad week
but the main prolem is that i am bad.
not that 'bad kid' but a really fucking bad person.
but no worrys.
it began as a mistake.