Dubai is one of the few places in the world where you can eat delicious food from around the world. The multiculturism is Dubai has brought restaurants from various countries in the world to start one in Dubai. Food travel is a thing in Dubai.

Whether you are from Italy, France, and England, the U.S., or the Asian countries like Japan, China and Taiwan, you can easily find a restaurant of your home cuisine. Though the traditional food is Arabian and Lebanon, Dubai is a place to savour food of Mediterranean, Oriental, French, Italian, Chines, Japanese and Indian cuisines. You will also find the international fast food giants like McDonald's, KFC, Subway, Burger King and much more lavishly opened around the Emirate.

"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food"

Being an expat in Dubai for a few years, I have dined at various restaurants and tried many savoury cuisines. My favourite spot in Dubai for dining is Mall of the Emirates. Some of my top restaurant picks are at the mall.

Here are some of the best dishes I had in Dubai. The list is actually endless.

*Shawarma at Al Hallab Restaurant
Yes, you would have probably heard a lot about this yummy affordable Arabian dish. Shawarma is juicy, and delicious and will be loved by anyone upon the first bite. Shawarma makes up my regular outdoor snack. The best Shawarma I had in Dubai was at Al Hallab restaurant.

*Grilled chicken at Al Farooj
The grilled chicken is juicy and tender and eating a morsel of the chicken with Kuboos (Arabic Bread) dipped in hummus is a treat to your taste buds. This is something I love to have with my family.

*Mixed grill at Reem Al Bawadi
This is another authentic Arabic food that I love. It consists of grilled chicken, kebabs and bread grilled in Mediterranean spices. The flavour and taste will never be forgotten.

"Food is music to the body, music is food to the heart"

*Pizza at 800 Degrees Neapolitan
I love pizza and one of the best pizza I had was from 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria. Pizza capricciosa captivates your senses, which the rich aroma and flavourful taste.

*The Burgers at Johnny Rockets
Nothing stands better to the taste and aroma of the burgers of Johnny Rockets. It's juicy and delicious. I have a quick burger snack whenever I visit Magic Planet play arena in Dubai.

"One cannot think well, sleep well, love well if one has not dined well"

These are only a few of the food adventures I had in Dubai. There are so much to share, which I would in my coming articles. Dubai is a great destination for foodies. The experience will be truly remarkable. From the amazing street food cafes to the luxury restaurants, Dubai is best for food travel.