It took me a long time to write this. Sometimes everything gets so heavy. But I guess turning pain into art is the only thing that is good about feeling so lost.

The last sunset

Dying with the last sunset of my life,
The fiery sky looks like spilled blood
It is peace around, there’s no sound
But pain cuts through me like a knife.

My body is bathing in red sunlight
Eyes are filled with tears of regret…
I have nothing more to seek or get,
Waiting for the closure of this fight.

And prayer is said without a voice,
Memories torture like years before
I feel there is nothing I want more
But to make this one, final choice.

I’m cold inside, my heart got numb
But the heat is dancing on my skin,
Just to remind there is still life within
Fragile and pure like an innocent lamb.

Should I kill all what I am right now?
Should I burn out like a dying star?
Oh this road I walk was heavy so far…
I tried to find love but didn’t know how.

And as the last rays of light disappear
I begin to realize the truth in disguise:
My whole life was just a pack full of lies
And the end I seek is coming near.

- Mikaela

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