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Today I'll be doing the #MyNameInPersonalities challenge that was created by my great friend Kaya. You can find her article and WHI account here.

I was also tagged by these amazing girls Kara, Thess and Trish. You can find their challenge/tag articles here.

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☆ P A U L I E N ☆

I have made something similar before, in my get to know me letter by letter article, but I'll try making this a bit different. I hope you'll like it!

1 | passionate

someone who's enthusiastic and fierce

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Other traits that fit me one way or another are perfectionist, paradoxical, playful and protective.

2 | ambitious

someone who's having and showing strong desire and determination to succeed

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Other traits that fit me one way or another are amiable and adventurous.

3 | understanding

someone's who's sympathetically aware or tolerant, and has a good judgement

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4 | loyal

someone who's true-hearted, devoted and supportive

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5 | imaginative

someone who's creative and insightful

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Other traits that fit me one way or another are intelligent and intuitive.

6 | esthetic

someone who has a love for beauty, emotions and sensations

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Other traits that fit me one way or another are empathetic and enthusiastic.

7 | nice

someone who's kind and caring

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A quick side-note, I actually asked my mom to help me with this lol. I'm a paradoxical person, which means that I almost always feel contradictory. So, when I was writing this article and found more personality traits for one letter, I asked my mom which one just fits best with who I am. So lets say, this is a big shoutout to my mom!

This is the collection I used in my article, and my side-account. Thank you to all the hearters who followed it already, you're the best!
Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.

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