Hi! Do you ever find yourself in a position where you're either too lazy to look for new music or just can't find any? Well, don't look any further. I thought it'd be fun too give a quick tour through my music taste and hopefully you'll find some new jams. (:p)

Let's Go!

I'm going to use my spotify playlist as inspirtation for this article, so if you'd like to check that out; just click on any of these links!

I'll start with noting some of my favorite artists / bands!

Thirty Seconds To Mars

Thirty seconds to mars is a great *upcoming* band. You might've heard of their hit 'Walk On Water' which has been streaming world wide. Some other songs I really like are Dangerous Night and Love Is Madness.

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Okay, yes, I might be obsessing over Jared Leto a tiny bit.


I absolutely love Khalid's music. His lyrics are just so real. I think Khalid is one of the little popular artists who aren't overrated at all. He only has one album (unfortunately) and my personal favorite song is Saved.

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Yep, I know. Bastille, who doesn't know them, right? Surely people know their popular songs, but dig deeper into their albums and you'll find the real gems! I really like the songs Flaws and Glory.

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Bruno Mars

Tbh, I have been a huge fan of Bruno Mars since I was about 13. But I still absolutely love his music, especially his older songs. Songs like Natalia and Gorilla just hype me up. ;D

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Some other artists I really like include Lana Del Rey, NF, Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd. You should chek them out too!

Fave Songs Atm

Now just a list of some songs I've been listening to lately.

  • Meant To Be - Bebe Rexha
  • Hard 2 Face Reality - Poo Bear & Justin Bieber
  • EL BAÑO - Enrique Iglesias
  • Straightjacket - Quinn XCII
  • Living In The City - Rhys Lewis
  • River - Eminem & Ed Sheeran
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I hope this article got you some inspirtation to upload your own music playlist and to start writing articles yourself! See you next time!

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