I did a lot of research on different animals and their symbolism as part of my AS Level Art project last year entitled 'People and Animals' and I thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff I learned. Here is Part 8: Lions. Scroll to the end to get the links to the other parts!


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  • In Mesopotamia, the lion was a symbol of kingship
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  • The lion is a symbol of knightly virtue in Arthurian legend
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  • The Ancient Egyptian sphinx had the body of a lioness - was the protector of pharohs
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  • Hercules, who killed the Nemean Lion, wore its pelt as a magic cloak
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  • Aesop used the lion as a symbol of power and strength
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  • The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet was presented as a lioness
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  • The Nubian god Dedun, god of incense, and therefore of luxury and wealth, was depicted as a lion
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  • In Middle Eastern culture, the lion is a symbol of courage, bravery, royalty and chivalry
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FILM: The Lion King
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SONG: King & Lion Heart by Of Monsters And Men

Lion Gallery

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