Many people don’t know what veganism is or some think that veganism is something extreme and unhealthy for your body, because they think you don’t get the vitamins you need. I can’t tell you if it’s true or not, I’m not an expert. But in my eyes veganism is NOT extreme. It’s different.

So, the other day I went for the first time to a vegan restaurant in Leuven,’The Loving hut’. I ordered the greasy monkey. Yes, it doesn’t sound that healthy does it? It was vegan nuggets, calamares and loempia’s with veganaise (vegan mayonaise). I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed my meal!

The serves on the other hand was just as different. You ordered at the counter, you get a pager and it beeps when you’re food is ready. The decor in the restaurant was unusual, there was grass on the wall. Fake grass, but weird. Anyway, it was small, cute and just right for how they present everything.

If you’re in Leuven one day and are vegan or want to try vegan, then you should go to The Loving hut!