You are waiting aren't you
you're always waiting for a sign
something that'll help you believe
in him and all of his lies

You're in denial about the truth
never questioning his excuse
say you think highly of yourself
but you still entertain his abuse

What happened to your soul
i see the bruises and the scars
he never deserved to touch your canvas
how'd you forget that you're art

I know it fucking hurts
but i'll just say this because it's true
any man who hurts your heart
is incapable of falling you

and I know somewhere you agree
this is the hardest lesson learned
thought it was cool to play with fire
but no one warned you that it'd burn

Now all the promises were broken
you cut yourself on shards of lies
smiling in every selfie
but inside you scream and cry

Now what's a heart to do
when it aches black and blue
you put trust in his hands
but now his hands are harming you

There is love, I hope you find it
it lives within, I hope you find it
that text says, ''baby I miss you''
but I hope you know he's lying

Think of me as a friend
or a stranger who gives a fuck
i just wish to see you grow
I'm tired of seeing you stuck