Hey everyone, today's article is very interesting because it's all about after school. I know that I become moody when I come home because I am really tired. Here are some tips for after school productivity.

Productive After School

1. eat

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eat your snack or lunch depending on what time you get home from school. this will refresh you.

2. Take a shower

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taking a shower will wash away all the tiredness and hopefully, the procrastination too. blast some music to have fun!

3. Study or homework

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this is your time to shine! make sure that you get that day's homework or just studying done and do atlas 15 mins of your weakest subject.

4. Fitness

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working out will get your body moving, and will keep you healthy if you do it continuously.

5. read

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reading will relax you.

6. spend time with family

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this will also relax you, and like always family first.

7. outfit

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get your clothes ready for tomorrow, so that you don't have to look for them or have to decide tomorrow morning.

8. get your bag ready too

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this will also get you organized.

thats it for today. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

Until next time,

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