Heigh Ho beautiful people! I was tagged by @nikiceeva to do this challenge and I'm absolutely excited about it! I'll also complete this tag by adding some Disney girls Iove!

To organize a bit this aesthetics, I choose some themes for each picture:
1. A face
2. An activity
3. A object
4. A place
5. A piece of clothes
6. An animal

So here we go!

Snow White

Image by ℳaℛiem ♕ Temporarily removed apple and food image nature, forest, and cabin image yellow and derya on flickr image autumn, beautiful, and bird image


photoshoot and clemence poesy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed castle and house image dress, aesthetic, and blue image mouse, aesthetic, and cute image


drew barrymore image rose, red, and flowers image food, biscuits, and alice in wonderland image garden, green, and nature image blue, aesthetic, and dress image rabbit, animal, and flowers image


girl, beauty, and hair image bc, bed, and believe image sewing, vintage, and thimble image mermaid, ocean, and sea image nature, aesthetic, and dress image dog and animal image


girl image blueberry image Temporarily removed forest, house, and nature image dress, pink, and fashion image owl and brown image


dakota fanning image door, girl, and hand image moon and light image castle, dark, and gothic image dress, girl, and grass image Temporarily removed


girl, redhead, and lips image Image by Little fashion Queen of disney ♛♛ vintage image Temporarily removed dress, sparkle in so cal contest, and glitter image dog and beach image


Temporarily removed book, flowers, and reading image rose, red, and flowers image cottage, versailles, and village image dress image Temporarily removed


beautiful, hair, and model image Temporarily removed aladdin, genie, and jasmine image Temporarily removed Image removed tiger, animal, and theme image


beauty, native american, and pocahontas image water, nature, and aesthetic image Image by mia Inspiring Image on We Heart It clothes, disney, and dress image Temporarily removed


aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image beach, dance, and fire image music and tambourine image Temporarily removed fashion, outfit, and style image Image by Joanna


Image removed princess image Image by Marina Rodriguez flowers, pink, and aesthetic image aesthetic, ancient greece, and gold image horse, pegasus, and fantasy image


Temporarily removed ink and japan image japanese image china image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


bird, brooke shields, and hair image book, bird, and art image vintage, aesthetic, and gatsby image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image yellow image animal, monkey, and nature image


girl, water, and sad image sea, water, and shell image Temporarily removed castle, sea, and architecture image aesthetic, beige, and fashion image animal, sea, and swim image


Inspiring Image on We Heart It futuristic and sci fi image crystal, necklace, and jewelry image Temporarily removed bracelet, blue, and accessories image fireflies, light, and hand image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed 1950's, 50's, and elvis image car, vintage, and blue image disney, dress, and flower image Temporarily removed


Image removed Image by Lovely Gallery fruit, mango, and food image Image by Rita Matra water, nature, and feet image tiger, animal, and nature image

Elizabeth Swann

Image removed boat, sail, and ship image pirates of the caribbean image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed apes, baby animals, and cute animals image


hair, flowers, and braid image dress, girl, and photography image apple, food, and candy image city, building, and new york image flowers, blue, and dress image Temporarily removed


girl image food, sweet, and yummy image Temporarily removed 1956, untitled, and alabama image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed


girl, hair, and beauty image art, painting, and paint image disney, rapunzel, and weapon image istanbul, tower, and turkey image dress, aesthetic, and vintage image pink, animal, and chameleon image


girl, hair, and redhead image archery and target image food, blueberry, and yummy image scotland and castle image Temporarily removed bear, animal, and nature image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed crown, frozen, and Queen image horse, ice, and crystal castle image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


Image by no bad vibes ice skating, ice, and winter image art, vintage, and painting image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It


beautiful, flower, and girl image boat, sunset, and photography image disney, heart, and necklace image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic image

Carina Smyth

Image by fernanda aesthetic and blue image aesthetic, pirate, and map image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed apes, baby animals, and cute animals image

Voilà ! I really enjoyed doing this and I hope these aesthetics inspired you to do the same characters or some others!

Radiating Love