I haven't seen many articles on this subject but I think it's quite interesting so here ya(also I've never had a lucid dream so this is really random but oh well)

What is a lucid dream?

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Basically a lucid dream is when you know you're in a dream. So you could be dreaming and you see that sky looks distorted and weird so you realise you're in a dream. Then it you don't wake up you can then control happens in that dream, so you can create an entire world.

Is it dangerous? Not really as far as I know but it can cause sleep paralysis (When you're awake but can't move) and you could end up too attached to this fake world so you start failing in the real world.

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How do you last for dream?

Well some people just do it by accident ancient but most people have to try different techniques to do so. I have never tried any of these so I don't know if they work but feel free to give it a go.
.keep a dream journal

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All you do is write down every dream you remember from the night before and overtime you'll start to see patterns which will help you to determine if you're dreaming.

.reality checks

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Ask yourselves several times throughout the day 'am I dreaming?' Then list all of the reasons why you aren't (e.g look in a mirror, check how many fingers you have look at how you're walking) you will eventual do this in your where you'll realise that you are actually dreaming.

Thanks for reading send me any of your lucid dreaming stories x