"Once Upon an autumn day,
Colorful leaves began to fade
In the midst of a chilly, frosty air
As multitude of trees grew steadily bare."
- Joseph T. Renaldi
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Sweater Weather

I live for those days when i can go around in over-sized sweaters. Its like PJs but you're still socially appropriate. In the beginning of autumn if the temperature goes down by 2 degrees I'm like "It's cold today BRING OUT THE SWEATERS!!!!"

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Hot chocolate and tea all day

OK, but I do that one all year round anyway, but i can promise you it's just way more comfy in autumn. My tea in take goes up by 150% during Autumn.*

*at least

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Its just cozy

The world just feel more cozy cause everything is fluffy and close and warm. I have this warm fluffy blanket that I take out every year and put on my bed, that moment is genuinely one of my favourite moments of autumn.

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Wanna meet up during Autumn?
Sorry Cant make it, I have an appointment (to binge watch a series and drink hot cocoa surrounded by blankets).
Unless I just went shopping then i need to go out and show off my new sweater.

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