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Today, I'm going to talk about grit
What's grit all about?

Well, a few days ago, i discovered this word through a motivational speech on TED Talks by psychologist Angela Duckworth. Small, short word/ acronym having a powerful and positive meaning.

Grit was defined as "perseverance and passion for long-term goals" by psychologist Angela Duckworth and colleagues

I personally found it so positive and inspiring and i immediately thought of sharing it with you all. You know, failure does not really mean that everything is over. You are not a failure. Grit encourages one to succeed in life, for sticking to long-term goals and achievement. Each one of us has our own ability and way to build up grit.

Even if one has ever encountered failure at times in our lives, this is not the end as a person's ability to learn is not permanent or incapable of change.

This research was conducted on high school students who were willing to persevere in school.

"Hard-working students were the most likely to become graduates, proving that anyone could outwork their perceived talent level or IQ by getting gritty."

"Having a growth mindset, is one of the closest things to grit-building."

However more research should be conducted to test them.

" And it wasn't social intelligence. It wasn't good looks, physical health, and it wasn't IQ. It was grit.”

Well, adding to that, people are more driven to excel at what they do and realizing the benefits other people.

In our daily life, grit serves a good purpose such as being able to get out of bed early in the morning, getting ready for work/school, staying up as late as necessary to finish work, inducing competitiveness, further developing creativity and creating the ability to overcome obstacles and opening up new chances and opportunities. Grit is what help us to be successful and move on in life.

If you want to achieve the impossible, you're going to need four things: purpose, practice, hope, and time.


1. Practice

  • Practice and get feedback on your work. Think of your failure as another practice attempt. Keep praticising until you master it.

2. Purpose

  • Find a purpose that will develop interest as it is useless to practise something you don't like or can be highly interested in. Find something you can readily learn more in depth.

3. Hope

  • Learn to embrace failure as an opportunity to learn, improve, and then get up again, we're more likely to succeed in future attempts. It's alright to fail. If you get tired, learn to rest but never give up.

4. Time

  • Allocate yourself time to practice, purpose, and developing from failure.Give yourself time to practice and learn on something you are deeply interested in, receive feedbacks and stay in the game.
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Keep grinding and grit it!
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