Okay guys, I saw this post originally called '6 things I learnt in 2017' on tumblr by a username @heavyemptyheart and it honestly helped me to change my life so much so thats why I had to share it here. Please check her out!

1. Be the type of person you would love to meet. Crack dorky jokes. Smile at little kids. Do something generous just out of the genuineness of your heart. Talk about your passions, your goals and even your deepest fears; you never know someone worth it could be listening.

2. Be honest. Even if it takes away every last breath out of you and you feel like you would rather chew on needles than say what’s in your heart, tell the truth. Especially if it hurts, because trust me, you will feel so much lighter.

3. You are you and I am me and that is okay. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but in the wise words of Big Sean, “it’s greener where you water it.” Stop trying so hard to find flaws in your physicality and focus on your brighter aspects. That big mole on your nose? That makes you, YOU. The way you bite your lower lip when you’re nervous? That makes you, YOU. The books you read, the songs that make you cry, the things you find attractive in someone else; all these make you, YOU. And there is no one else like YOU. And that is okay.

4. Choose happiness. I’m sure you’ve heard before that happiness is not a destination. Maybe it isn’t. Or maybe it is. Either way, if you choose to be happy during your journey, your destination will be so much happier and full of love that you’ve collected along the way. Although it’s not such a bad thing to be sad sometimes. Don’t repress your tears. Let them flow. And after you’re done, choose to be happy for what’s yet to come. Try not to cry for the same reason again.

5. Stop and look up at the sky. This world is getting faster and changing rapidly every millisecond. It’s okay if you feel like you’re behind. It’s not a competition; stop trying so hard to catch up. You’re breezing past momentary blessings because you’re too busy searching for temporary satisfaction. Take a break sometimes and let the universe pull you in into her vast arms. That’s a billion year old hug and you better appreciate it from time to time.

6. Stop destroying yourself. I know life sucks and people aren’t who they claim to be, but that’s not your fault. A moment of destruction can hinder you for years. You are as beautiful as the day the galaxies came together to produce this beautiful world we live in and nothing and no one can compare to that. If you want to destroy anything, destroy the old you. And replace it with a fresh, loving, kind bundle of ethereal beauty that is the new you.